www.TheLetterDepot.com Calls On The UN To Establish Legislative Website Standards By Supporting The Letter Depot’s Bill Of Rights For Governmental Website Users

Note: this is a 3 part article


1)      Provide their constituents with a working, fully functional legislative website that is accessible to all and easy and clear to navigate;

2)      Have the duty and responsibility to educate and support their constituency and their ‘inherent right to know what their government is doing

3)      Shall publish online all legislation that has been introduced, discussed or enacted before any legislative action is taken, so that those whom the legislation impacts, may review it and provide input  on its impact on them;

4)      Shall make public their complete contact information (including address, phone and email) at all governmental levels;

5)      Should establish fair and reasonable review and comment periods for legislative and governmental actions;

6)      Shall make public all staff information, including names and contact information;

7)      Should establish rules and procedures that support and make public the creation and publication of important legislative documents like agendas, bills and histories;

8)      Shall allow their constituency the ability to comment and interact in/on government actions without the fear of reprisals from government;

9)      Shall be required to place online all governmental information, at all levels, from Prime Minister and President to courts, local boards and commissions;

10)   Should design their websites to be functional and educational, not just PR oriented;

11)   Should establish internet stations, preferably in libraries, to help constituents effectively interact with the government.

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